Builder Benefits

Builder Benefits

We understand that builders need price advantages and innovative approaches to attract new buyers. Our Preferred Builder Program is designed specifically with you and your customers in mind. Your homebuyers have a lot of obstacles to get to closing, but homeowner’s insurance should not be one of them.

Program Features and Benefits 

As a preferred home builder, you will have access to several advantages, including: 

  • A top-quality program at no cost to our accredited builders.
  • Up to 55% premium savings for homeowners, which helps move your inventory.
  • Investors buying your homes? Get coverage even for hard-to-place investor properties.
  • Quick adjustments for closing date changes, keeping the process on track.
  • Insure entire subdivisions with prior approval — the best rates for every homeowner.
  • Great marketability with our A-rated ASI group of companies and discounts for every home you build in any state where we write homeowners insurance.
  • Opportunities to build a working relationship with an ASI independent agency partner.

Join the Preferred Builder Program Today!

Qualifying is easy and quick: enroll in minutes. Once enrolled, you’ll even receive an ASI Preferred Builder plaque for your office. Start utilizing the benefits and opportunities this program has to offer and see the difference it may have on your company’s growth and success!